Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage in Bangkok

A hot new topic of discussion on the internet is the appearance of a new Dr. BJ shop in Bangkok called Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage. This shop is not a blowjob bar however. It is a nuru massage parlor.

Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage parlor is located almost directly opposite of the original Dr BJ’s Salon on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. It has the same kind of signs and bright white lighting. The women on staff mostly sit outside in black skirts with fishnet stockings.

There are many women working at Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage. Some of them seem like they go back and forth between this shop and Dr BJ’s head shop across the street. So they must have at least two sets of special skills.

Nuru massage was created in Japan. The Japanese term nuru nuru describes something slippery. In nuru massage the woman slides her body against the customer’s body with lots of slippery Japanese nuru massage lotion in between them.

According to the Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage website, they offer two all-inclusive massage packages:

  • Standard Nuru Service: 2,000 Baht.
  • VIP Room Service: 3,000 Baht.

Basically, Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage is an oily massage parlor that specializes in nuru massages.

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