Carnival Go-Go Bars, Nana Plaza, Bangkok

I had almost forgotten that Carnival go go bar, one of the largest go go bars in Bangkok was still open for business on the third floor of the Plaza.

Now that the short time hotel next door is closed, few people walk further than Cascade Go-Go bar and the small short time hotel next to it. Or they choose to go to the other side where Billboard and Las Vegas go go bar are located.

But Carnival is still there. The mechanical bull is still working and it is still free for customers. A few bar girls are still dancing on the large carousel.

Unfortunately the girls dancing there are far from being the prettiest in town and the mechanical bull is not enough of an attraction to fill in the bar.

As Carnival is one of the largest bars in Nana Plaza, it needs quite a lot of customers to look as busy as the smaller bars.

Carnival is empty and to quiet and boring to be worth visiting. That’s too bad, because if it had a more proactive management team, Carnival could actually become one of the busiest bars in the plaza.

I have to mention that Carnival is not a ladyboy bar anymore. It started as a girls-only go go bar. Then it turned into a ladyboy only bar. That didn’t last more than a few months. Now it is back to staffing nothing but real women.

There are ladyboys in the bar today. Maybe they should bring a few back. It couldn’t hurt and watching them riding the bull could even be fun!

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