Lollipop Go Go bar, Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Since we last wrote about Lollipop go go bar in Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4, things have really improved.

Well, they have improved in terms of the staff at least. There are definitely more pretty girls working at Lollipop now. But along with that has come an increase in price.

A small bottle of beer now goes for 145 Baht. The women are asking for more money too. The average girl working at Lollipop asks for 2,000 Baht now. At the other bars in Nana Plaza most of the girls are still asking for 1,500 Baht.

Still, the women working at Lollipop have a lot less attitude than other girls dancing in Nana Plaza. Plus the mamasan is a lot better than some of the really pushy managers at some of the more famous go go bars in the plaza.

Because of that, Lollipop is now a go to place for a lot of guys looking for a change. It used to be a bar where people started out the night before moving on. Now guys start out in other bars and end the night at Lollipop!

Lollipop is located on the ground floor. It’s on the left side of Nana Plaza just beyond the staircase.

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