Annie’s Massage Reader’s Review

Here’s a good review of Annie’s Massage Bangkok.

Its 2.30pm when I turn into Soi 4. I pass those having their breakfast of champions in Morning Night, Big Dogs and Golden Bar. I take a right turn behind the Four Seasons Nana and a deserted expanse of tarmac stretches out before the Rajah hotel canopy in the distance. On reaching Annies, I enter without pause. Somchai on the porch, who watched me approach, is surprised and pleased. He yells ‘Shop!!’ in Thai up the stairs and as I climb them I can hear scurrying, enigmatic clankings and alarmingly violent shunting sounds. Unsure what to expect, on entering I find its dark, neat orderly and calm. A bespectacled, late twenties young lady greets me from behind a desk. From her professional manner, we might as well be in a business travel agents office. This puts a square like me immediately at ease. I get a coke because I had an ill-advised wank late-morning to take the edge off, and I don’t want to take any more edges off.

The travel agent rouses the afternoon shift girls from their slumbers and orders them into the fish bowl. I take ages sipping my coke and perusing the line-up. It’s mostly fatties and girl next door types. But at least they’re all smiling and larking about. A couple of latecomers look me over on their way to the fishbowl and share their opinions loudly with the others on the other side of the one-way glass. Some have the unerring skill of looking me straight in the eye, even when I shift seats. The travel agent tries to coax me into a decision but not too annoyingly – and I remember thinking I’d happily give her one. I ask ‘is that glass really one-way?’ ‘Yeeess, really’. I’m not convinced. I also don’t recognize anyone from the website. Wait, there’s one. She’s…… a babe. With an athletic, curvy and somehow petite chassis. Ok, her.

She asks for a beer and takes me to a large dark room. The interior is dated but notably clean. Undressing and Preliminaries – she’s uncomfortable that I’m silent but I don’t feel the need to yak when I come to these places. I’m here to switch off and ‘drink in’ with the senses. No game here. Not that I’ve got any. Marking me as a newbie, she keeps asking if I’m OK, but not in an annoying way.. I get a long soak in the bath before she soaps up her wonderful figure, mounts the bath and then uses the hand-grips while performing a reverse body to body massage. She is immeasurably better than the only previous soapy I’ve had at Cupidy. The view of her finely muscled back and sensation of her buttocks slipping over me is mesmerizing. I remember fantasizing about being with a member of the Thai swimming team or something. The technique she demonstrated really builds and tones those arm and back muscles. A BBBJ follows and it was really good. Excellent in fact – one of those rare firm but long-lasting ones. That wank was starting to look like a good idea.

More water-borne activities for a while then a thorough dry off follows before I’m led onto a high, narrowish couch – its exactly like one you’d find in a doctors consulting room. Some fairly energetic stuff follows, this lady has lovely small floppy tits with big erect nips and they feel delightful when held from behind. The positions change a few times and suddenly that morning wank – not to mention the 6k run round Benjakiti Park – are now seeming like not such a great idea.

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