Coyotes come to Patpong: Part II

Do remember a place called The Club? The not-so-creatively named coyote club was opened earlier this year by the King Group. That group owns several go go bars in Patpong.

The Club was the first club in Patpong with with coyote dancers. It had coyotes from Thailand as well as Europe.

Obviously, The Club was not much of a success. So what did the King Group people do? They just moved the coyotes around. Now they bring coyote girls to their go go bars.

For the last few weeks coyote dancers have been working the King Group go go bars like Castle 1, Castle 2 and King Camelot on Patpong Soi 1.

Who are the coyotes?

  • They wear different clothes than the regular bar girls.
  • They are better looking than the regular bar girls, on average.
  • They get more expensive lady drinks.
  • They cannot be bar fined and taken out of the bar.

You might ask what the point of these coyote dancers is. It appears to be a ploy to get more customers in the bars and to make more money on lady drinks.

How to handle a coyote?

Different people have different opinions about the coyote dancers. They look good and they are really aggressive. They have to be forward and demanding because they make most of their money from selling drinks.

Newbies often get fried by the good looking coyote hustlers but most veterans treat them in the same way. They:

  • Don’t buy drinks for coyotes.
  • Don’t talk to coyotes.
  • Don’t even look at coyotes.

These three steps work like magic to drive coyotes away!

How to get rid of coyotes?

Even some veterans find a real hardcore beggar from time to time. These cute but cut-throat coyotes will sit down next to them and plead for a drink even though they are being totally ignored. How do veterans deal with them?

A lot of guys just ask them if they can be barfined. The coyotes of course say no. Then the guys say “Okay, goodbye!”

If a coyote breaks tradition and says she can be barfined then she is not actually a coyote. Or she’s just into the guy asking her. Coyotes have hearts too!

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