Annie’s Massage Bangkok: New Pricing

According to one of our readers, Annie’s Massage Bangkok have changed their price policy. A quick look on their website confirmed that they now have only one price for all girls, 2,500 baht for 2 hours, instead of 1,700 baht for Fishbowl and 2,500 for Sideliners.

This is a strange move. Either they got rid of all the Fishbowl girls, but why would they do that? Or they have promoted all of them to Sideliners status, but that would be unfair (for us!).

At this price, Annie’s Massage is more expensive that many other good Soapy Massage Parlors, including those that also offer a real Soapy Massage experience, like Nataree, Emmanuelle or Cupidy.

Annie’s is a favorite parlor of several of our readers. What do you think about this new pricing policy? Please share your opinion here.

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