Addict Massage Bangkok, Sukhumvit soi 24, Bangkok

There is a new Teen Massage shop in town! Addict Massage Bangkok replaces the short-lived Bee Massage Bangkok and operates like a Japanese-style Teen Massage shop with pre-paid packages starting at 2,000 baht for a 1-hour Thai/Oil Massage in a room with shower (rooms with bath are more expensive).

They have completely renovated the place and the lobby and the rooms are brand new, with, for the rooms, comfortable beds and clean showers.

Addict Massage opened less than two weeks ago and they still need to work on staffing the team, but the shop is up and running.

Addict Massage is located in the small alley opposite EZ Massage and Mango Massage, and becomes the fifth Teen Massage shop to operate in this small area at the beginning of Sukhumvit Soi 24, opposite the side entrance of the Emporium shopping mall.

More about Addict Massage, including prices, hours and phone number, in this overview of Addict Massage.

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