37.2° Massage, Sukhumvit soi 39, Bangkok

37.2° Massage Bangkok is located in the small sub-soi before Sukhumvit soi 39 when arriving from Asok. Maybe it is this remote location that makes the shop less popular than the Teen Massage shops on Sukhumvit soi 33, 24, 24/1 or 26. However 37.2 Massage is worth a try.

As the website confirms, 37.2 Massage targets primarily Japanese customers and only offers pre-paid packages. Note that they start with an all-inclusive 40 minute Thai/Oil Massage option. This is the only shop we know that offers a 40 minute massage. Most shop start at 60 minutes or more.

The rooms are rather small and very basic, but clean and in good conditions. As in many Japanese oriented shops, you are very well received as soon as you enter the shop and reach the reception upstairs. You are offered a seat and the girls fact sheets. Be aware that most pictures are heavily Photoshopped and what-you-see is not always what-you-get.

Don’t be shy: make a pre-selection based on the sheets and ask to see 3 to 4 girls face to face before making your choice. Or not.

37.2 Massage Bangkok also offer outcall services.

The one-hour Oil or Thai massage all inclusive costs 2,100 baht in a standard rooms with shower.

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