Poseidon Massage Parlor, Ratchada, Bangkok: Update

I made a short visit to Poseidon massage in Bangkok for an update after receiving some comments and questions about it.

I realized that Poseidon does charge a farang tax on foreigners just like Emmanuele Massage does. They add 500 Baht to the regular price. That means the fishbowl women charge 2,500 Baht or more. Previously people said it was 2,000 Baht.

However, they did come up with a flat rate fee for their models. It is 4,000 Baht. It used to range from 2,900 to 5,500.

I can also confirm that Poseidon is still one of the nicest and most impressive of all the soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. As soon as you enter the lobby you already feel like a VIP. They have some very pretty women in the model lounge on the third floor too. They are tall and slim, and well, they look like models. A few of them should probably be downstairs in the fishbowl though.

Poseidon is a taste of the luxurious hi so side of the Bangkok massage parlors.

Poseidon Massage is located on Ratchada Road. It is a little north of Emmanuelle, Caesar’s, Colonze and all of the other soapy massage parlors on that street.

The closest MRT station to Poseidon Massage is Sutthisan. It is a few hundred meters straight out of Exit 4. It has big signs that can’t be missed.

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