Pinocchio’s Club ladyboy bar on Patpong Soi 2 in Bangkok

Pinocchio’s Club is a small bar on Patpong Soi 2. It is definitely not a go go bar. There are no stages or dancers.

There is just a counter top bar on the left side and a couple of seats on the right. It looks like a small beer bar inside or maybe like the nearby Star of Light BJ bar. The main difference is that Pinocchio’s is full of ladyboys and they aren’t given head in the bar.

There is a small sign on the door that says “Ladies and Ladyboys.” Don’t believe it. There are no ladies in the bar at all. It’s a ladyboy only place just like All the “chicks” who work here have dicks.

There aren’t even that many ladyboys inside. At most there might be 6 people on staff total. Early in the day there may only be one with others coming as the night goes on.

Having no stage and no dancer, the bar leaves customers with few entertainment options other than chatting with the ladyboys.

Pinocchio’s charges 120 Baht for a bottle of beer. Lady drinks are surprisingly the same price, which makes it a cheap place to hang out. The barfine is 500 Baht but some of the ladyboys will do certain acts with customers in the bathroom right next to the bar.

When there are no customers inside most of the ladyboys hang out in front of the bar. The ladyboys seated there are basically everyone on staff. What you see is what you get.

Pinocchio’s Club is located near the Pavilion Place short time hotel and Star of Light. The location is pinpointed on the map below. There are several other ladyboy bars in the area, but most of them are open places with no front walls or go go bars. Pinocchio’s Club is more private. No one on the street can see what goes on inside without pushing the door open.

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