The new Raw Hide Go-Go Bar, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Raw Hide is not a new go go bar of course. It has been around for years. But now it has new ownership. You can tell that from the outside. The bar now has the same kind of big neon signs you see on other bars owned by the same guy such as Spice Girls, Kiss and Deja Vu.

But rumor has it that the new owner is actually just a new partner. He came on to help the bar out. If true it would explain why the inside of the bar hasn’t changed at all even though the price of bottled beer has gone up to 150 Baht. There is now a tiered system of bar fine for go go girls and show girls.

The line up is still pretty weak. The dancing is the same old routine. There are no super stars or stunners that I can see.

Unlike Tilac, Shark and Baccara though they have not brought on a bunch of sexy coyote dancers to alternate with the regular go go girls.

Is that good or bad? It is up to you to decide. Some people like the prettier coyotes. Some people hate them because they drink more expensive drinks and ask for more money if they do bar fines at all.

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