Dr. BJ’s Salon in Bangkok

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 the world famous Dr. BJ’s Salon was probably the most famous blowjob bar in the history of Bangkok. It went out of its went to promote itself and eventually even got coverage in mainstream Western media outlets.

Some sort of minor outrage over the place broke out in Thai social media at some point but it soon withered away. Around the same time Dr. BJ’s was suddenly closed and gutted out. Almost immediately notes went out to anyone with interest to let them know that the place hadn’t closed but simply changed its look. A new place opened in the same place soon after.

Dr. BJ’s had a large staff with dozens of women working. Sometimes it seemed as if as many as thirty women were working. A female manager ran the place and called the ladies to line up when customers arrived.

The ladies at Dr. BJ’s were divided into two sets. The one set were called nurses. They charged 700 Baht for their services. The other set were called consultants. They charged 1000 Baht. Full service was also available at times in a large private room upstairs.

Regular services took place in small semi-private booths with sinks and lounge chairs. The booths had black walls and doors but the walls didn’t connect to the ceiling so some sounds could still be heard throughout the floor.

Dr. BJ’s salon was open every day from noon to 1 AM. The very similar Wood Bar now stands in its place.

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