You wanna barfine me? Buy me a drink first!

A guy walks into a bar. But it isn’t just any bar. It’s a go go bar in Bangkok! He takes a look at the women on stage and see’s a hot number he likes. So he walks over to the dead ugly mamasan and says, “I’ll take number 34.”

thai go go girls

The mamasan asks, “do you know she?” The guy says “no”. So the mamasan quickly retorts with a “must to ask she first!”

The guy then walks right over to the stage, summons the half-smiling number 34 to crouch over, and says “I want barfine you, ok?” She feigns a look of shock, laughs with her friends, then comes back with “You wanna barfine me? Buy me a drink first!”

This is basically the way it goes in the Thai go go bars today. The point and shoot game of walking into a bar, picking a chick out of the lineup, paying a barfine, and then leaving is for the most part over with.

It shouldn’t be too big of a deal for fans of go go bars though. After all, guys go there for the atmosphere as much as anything else. They want to see lots of Thai chicks dancing in bikinis (or less) on stage, have a drink, and listen to some music.

Guys who just want to pump and dump still have plenty of options. There is no shortage of massage parlors anywhere in Thailand and a lot them are offering more than back rubs!

The only downside for lady drink buyers is that things have changed in the go go bars. In the old days buying a babe a drink got you thirty minutes of alone time with her. Now it might not even get you a minute. They have a sip then say they have to get back to dancing. Sometimes they take their drinks right on stage!

This doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough. It is one of the reason people say the go go bars are going downhill. Of course in Thai go go bars guys pay a small fee and get the full attention of a dancer for 30 minutes or more. Mai pen rai!

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