Nyan Nyan Massage, Sukhumvit soi 33, Bangkok

Now Nyan Nyan Massage has more girls than when I first reviewed the shop in December 2008, but the prices are still the same! Also, I did not notice before but Nyan Nyan Massage has got two unique features, one that I like and one that I could like but actually I don’t.

The one that I like is not completely unique but it’s in English and not in Japanese and that makes it unique: it’s the girl’s file sheet. At Nyan Nyan it does not only mention the girl’s name, age, size and weight, but also what she does or does not, like BBBJ, CIM, etc.

Don’t expect more unusual things, though. I see you guys coming! 😀

Some other shops have the same fact sheets but usually in Japanese, like Paradise Massage on soi 26, which doesn’t help if you don’t read Japanese.

The one I don’t like is the video conference: If you ask to see one or several girls from the photo album, and if they are not hanging around in the room or outside the shop, they will appear on a television screen. Usual-Suspect-style. It could be a good idea but although it gives more reality than a picture, it’s still less easy to make an opinion with this tool than with a real face-to-face with the girl(s). (You see the girl in a full portrait mode and not a close up).

The rooms are comfortable and feature a clean private shower, but they are small and not actual rooms: the wooden walls don’t reach the ceiling. It’s not as private as the standard teen massage room.

Else, the service is good and their 2,300 baht all inclusive 2 hour oil massage option is a bargain. For those who have time and feel like trying something new, Nyan Nyan Massage is an option.

Nyan Nyan Massage is located next to Akane Massage on Sukhumvit soi 33, in the Peep Inn Hotel parking lot. They also have an entrance from above the parking lot.

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