Kochoran Massage, Sukhumvit soi 33, Bangkok

Next to Nyan Nyan Massage on Soi 33 is Kochoran Massage, another Japanese oriented massage shop. Unlike Nyan Nyan, Kochoran Massage doesn’t really operate like a teen massage, but more like Akane Massage, with good massages and scrubs, happy endings and sexy options (2 girls, no bra, etc.).

At Kochoran, packages start at 820 baht, which is actually a bargain when including a HJ.

Like at Nyan Nyan next door, the rooms are not closed rooms but more like boxes, with wooden walls and no ceiling. However the massage tables are real ones. It is definitely more a place for massages than for specials.

Kochoran Massage is located below the Peep Inn hotel, in the parking lot, next to Nyan Nyan and Akane Massage. Just like Nyan Nyan, Kochoran Massage also has a second entrance on the small terrace above the parking lot.

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