Heavenly Massage, Sukhumvit soi 7, Bangkok

At Heavenly Massage, if you ask for another girl than the one appointed to you by the manager, you will hear them say “This is a massage here. Only a massage“.

Some shops are very cautious and try their best to stay out of trouble: They make sure that both the masseuse and the customer will follow the official rules.

It doesn’t mean that nothing more will happen upstairs, but best case scenario will be a quick HJ by a full clothed girl scared by any sound or move around her. And if you are not lucky enough to get the only private room available, this will happen in the large room for usual Thai and oil massages, where your only privacy will be a couple of curtains around your mat on the floor.

If you want more than a massage, you’d better chose another shop.

Too bad because they had a pretty masseuse there that I would have like to know better. And the irony is that actually she was not able to deliver a proper oil massage!

Heavenly Massage is located on Sukhumvit soi 7, opposite the large outdoor restaurant, next to the small short-cut alley to Sukhumvit soi 5.

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