Bangkok Naughty Nightlife News

February is here so the peak of the high season is behind us. In my opinion, you can already tell that by the lower number of tourist and wandering groups of foreigners in the main naughty nightlife spots here in Bangkok.

It seems that the number of tourists always stays low in the run up to the Spring Songkran holiday. I don’t know if it due to the constant troubles that seem to hit the international news every year around this time or just a coincidence.

The Yellows are out and about. What’s there plan? Some suggest fighting with Cambodia and an attempt to prevent the current ruling clique from accomplishing anything, including expected upcoming elections.

Nana Plaza and Sukhuvmit Soi 4

The third floor of Nana Plaza has become a lady boy go go bar only area since Carousel closed. Hollywood Rock & Roll bar will have chicks without dicks, but it isn’t open yet. Cascades is still going strong, but the only real activity on the third floor is coming from guys taking women from the go go bars downstairs into the short time hotel rooms.

The second floor is still as busy as ever mainly thanks to the go go bars on the left side with big shows and the go go bars on the other side filled with stunners. Villa was the one bar that never had a great line up but it closed. Rumor is Rainbow 3 will take its place. That’s great!

Lana Lee sexy Thai in lingerie

The first floor is a mixed bag. Some go go bars like Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 2 are always busy. Others like Voodoo go go bar are quiet as a church. The new beer bars in the middle of the plaza have their fans and everyone agrees that the place is now livelier than it was when the center was just an empty courtyard.

You can’t help but notice that a lot of action now goes on outside of Nana Entertainment Plaza. There are a lot of beer bars like Stumble Inn and Strikers on Soi 4. There are also an increasing number of freelancers in the same street. They used to only stand in the Nana Hotel parking lot. Now they’re all over Soi 4.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if some new go go bars opened right on Sukhumvit Soi 4 around Nana Plaza. You saw the same thing with Cowboy and Patpong. Bars started opening around the old center of attraction, trying to get in on the good business. I may be wrong though. There could be laws or powerplays that prevent any bars from opening outside of the NEP.

Soi Cowboy

There is news from Soi Cowboy. No, it is not the opening of yet another coyote go g bar from the Midnight-Spice Girls group. It is a complete renovation of Country Road at the Asoke end of the strip. I don’t know what they’re going to do with the place, but we will soon find out.


As Bangkok Eyes reported, the new Glamour go go bar on Patpong Soi 2 is already out of business. It only lasted about 3 months. Did they set the record for the shortest lived go go bar in the history of Bangkok? It sure seems that way.

Recently the Bada Bing go go bar was basically empty even though they have a few real cute girls working. Is that because they brought on a bunch of coyotes? If they bring back more bar girls will they see an increase in customers? Who can tell?

Both The Strip and Electric Blue have been very slow lately. Patpong Soi 2 seems to be running out of steam. There is a little more action over on Patpong 1 in the King’s go go bars, but it’s still not as happening as Nana or Soi Cowboy.

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