Why I don’t like the Go Go Bars with Coyotes and why I think you won’t like them either!

I have started again giving a rating to Massage shops and Go-Go Bars and all the Go-Go Bars with Coyotes have a very bad rating, even those where I haven’t been for a while. Here is why.

As I explained in my previous post about Rio, Go-Go Bars with Coyotes are Go-Go Bars that mix Bar Girls and Coyote Dancers: Bar Girls (in these bars) are less than average looking girls who dance on the stage, drink with you and can be barfined. Coyote Girls are pretty girls (similar to the prettiest girls of Shark, Tilac or Rainbow Go-Go Bar, or sometimes not even as pretty) who dance on the stage, drink with you, but can not be barfined.

These bars, namely Spice Go-Go Bar, Kiss Go-Go Bar, Midnite Go-Go Bar, Deja Vu Go-Go Bar, Sahara Go-Go Bar and Rio Go-Go Bar, are located on Soi Cowboy and are said to be belonging to the same owner.

Tilac Go-Go Bar, that is also on Soi Cowboy but doesn’t belong to the same group, also has Coyotes, but only a couple and only on Friday-Saturday, which is acceptable IMO. For the other ones, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix Bar Girls and Coyotes on a permanent basis (and considering how few customers go there I am obviously not the only one) because:

– It is confusing: If you care about your spending, or if you want more than just a drink in a bar, you’d better understand quickly who is who, because prices for Lady Drinks or Barfine are not the same for Bar Girls, Coyotes or Hostesses, and they don’t offer the same services.

– It is more expensive: Probably because they spend more in salaries than other Go-Go Bars and have to compensate one way or the other.

– It’s frustrating: Put a very pretty girl next to a cute one. The cute one will look bad in comparison. Now you are being told that only the cute one will go out with you. How do you feel?

– It’s boring: When the Coyote girls dance, the Bar Girls sit and wait. And so do you if you are interested in Bar Girls only.

– It’s disappointing: Pretty Bar Girls want a bar with less competition and/or more customers (think Baccara, Tilac, Rainbow, etc.). Only the girls who have no choice (and can not be Coyotes) stay there. Don’t expect to find a stunner in those bars.

– It’s redundant: G-Clubs (Gentleman Clubs) are offering just that: Pretty girls who dance and drink with you. Why try to mix G-Clubs and Go-Go Bars?

For all these reasons I do not recommend these Go-Go bars in my rating list.

As I said earlier, a lot of customers seem to think the same way because these bars are always empty. But still they survive. And more than that: they expand their business! I really wonder how they make money.

And you, what do you think of Go-Go Bars with Coyotes? Do you go there and why?

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