Chavala Turkish Bath and Massage, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The Sri Ayuthaya road branch of Chavala Turkish Bath and Massage (the original one, also known as Chavala 1) has now been closed, reportedly, but the Sukhumvit branch (AKA Chavala 2), on Sukhumvit Road, is still open.

1,300 baht for 2 hours, all inclusive, is probably the best massage offer on Sukhumvit, but the girls are on the older and fatter side of the average.

Chavala is an aging Massage Parlor and so are the employees.

In addition it is oriented to Thai and Asian customers and English is hardly spoken. However Farang customers are welcome and don’t get overcharged.

If you are in a mood for trying a vintage Massage Parlor, this one is right what you are looking for!

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