New Glamour Go-Go Bar on Patpong, Bangkok

It’s not a glamorous Go-Go bar, no, that’s the name: Glamour Go-Go Bar.

It’s a new Go-Go bar that has just opened on Patpong soi 2, next to the entrance of the Black Pagoda, opposite Foodland. Glamour Go-Go bar looks pretty much like Bada Bing Go-Go bar (same furniture) but it’s much smaller, and only on one floor.

They run a promotion with 120 baht beers for the opening.

Now the interesting fact with Glamour Go-Go bar, is that there is no barfine. They do have girls dancing the pole (although not a lot, but that’s very common when a new bar opens), but there is no barfine. They say you can buy the girl a drink (Soda 120 baht, Cocktails 250 baht) and discuss with her whether she’s up to come with you or not. If she is, then you don’t owe the bar anything more that the drink bill.

Sounds to me like the girls will say no unless it’s near closing time.

They had a very good looking one when I visited. The other ones were all average or below average.

Glamour Go-Go bar gave me the same impression as Bada Bing: no atmosphere, a place empty and rather cold. But let’s see, that’s only the opening.

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