Insomnia Night Club Bangkok

That was the talk of the town for a few month now: Insomnia Club coming from Pattaya to open a second club in Bangkok. Well, it’s now open. But don’t expect much. Just another after hour night club like we already have a few. Very similar to Bossy, Spicy, Climax and the likes: a huge and unique room, a few bars on the side, a few tables here and there, and a loud music, the same as everywhere.

However unlike Spicy and Bossy, the stages are small and reserved to the coyote dancers. You don’t have to endure the pitiful show of tourists and regulars showing off their dance skills with their girlfriend of the night. And that’s a big asset in my opinion.

As for the crowd, either it will be half empty all the time, as the day I visited (on a week-end) or it will be the same crowd as Bossy, Spicy and Climax.

On the plus side: it’s easy to find, and easy to leave.

Insomnia Club is located on Sukhumvit soi 12, on the left hand side at the very beginning of the soi, right behind the small place with Sunrise Tacos Mexican Restaurant. A walking distance from Nana and Cowboy.

Entrance is 300 baht with one drink, or five persons with a bottle (2,000+).

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