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This website is getting more popular over time. It started as a hobby but it is expanding into something more serious. To those who keep asking for more news and updates about massage shops, go go bars and guest friendly hotels in Thailand, please note the following.

  • This is not my full time job. I would like to make it into one though. Please contribute if you like what you read here.
  • Places don’t change every single month. Most of the massage shops and go go bars listed here stay the same for months or even years at a time. Whatever is written here is likely accurate whenever you read it, even if soem time has passed in between. Of course places do move, close, open and change significantly from time to time. When I know about that I will write about it here.

A few further comments on the state of the naughty nightlife scene here;

  • Despite the rise of the Baht against the dollars, the Euro and the pound, the prices at the naughty nightlife venues stay the same for drinks, lady drinks, barfines and tips. That makes sense because the cost of living in Thailand doesn’t get any cheaper even with a stronger Baht. It is only for tourists and expats who earn their income in USD/EUR/GBP that life gets painfully more expensive.
  • Patpong is catching up with Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in term of prices. People are starting to go to Patpong again since the prices are now equaling out.
  • Even during low season and political strife, the bars are still busy. They might not be as busy as they used to be but Thailand is not a no man’s land either.

Finnally, remember that there are lovely and beautiful women everywhere in Thailand! The exact place isn’t always the most important thing for guys looking for commpany. Of course some places are a safer bet than others, but part of the fun is trying out new places. You may get a good surprise. If you do, report back here!


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