What’s Up GoGo Bar, Walking Street, Pattaya

What’s Up Go Go Bar (or What’s Up A Go Go as they sometimes say in Pattaya) is a Walking Street go go bar that is not on Walking Street at all. It is actually located on Soi 15, just off of Walking Street. The go go bar is unique and their website is too, but both in different ways.

What’s Up has jacuzzi shows, girls with foam tubes that whack each other around, a bit of harder play. It all goes down in a good atmosphere. It is a fun place. It’s a real party every night of the week.

The only problem is that it is now too popular. If you don’t show up early you might get stuck in some terrible seat. That is if you can get a seat at all.

Whats Up Agogo pattaya

With the crowds come price increases. A bottle of Singha beer is still 125 Baht but a bar fine at What’s Up is now 1,200 Baht before midnight. You read that right: 1,200 Baht! After midnight the bar fine drops to a more normal 600 to 800 Baht depending on the woman.

So only those who show up early are guaranteed a seat and only those who show up late aren’t double charged for a bar fine. Welcome to Pattaya!

What’s Up is so popular that it’s become a sort of Baccara bar of Pattaya. It is a good place to stop by for a drink but it’s a bad place to stay long or fall in love.

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