Paradise Massage, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Paradise Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 26 is another massage parlor targeting mainly Japanese customers. They have a website but it is all in the Japanese language. The prices are all inclusive and the service is customer oriented.

The best thing about Paradise Massage is that it is a friendly place with a very relaxing atmosphere. Compare that to places like Angel26 which are busy and so full of clients and women that it can actually come to resemble something like a factory of fun.

The worst thing about Paradise Massage is that you have to pay in advance and the price is all inclusive. It ends up being more expensive than other massage parlors for the same service. It’s 2100 for a one hour massage and 2300 Baht for a 90 minute massage at Paradise.

Thai massage

Another thing is that the women purposely chose to work at Paradise Massage because they want to service Japanese customers. They don’t hate farang of anything like that but they would obviously prefer to work with Japanese guys. That gives none Japanese guys something to consider even if they are welcomed warmly.

The rooms at Paradise Massage are simple but clean. There is a nice waiting room on the ground floor but of course it only shows Japanese television shows!

Paradise Massage is a good choice for guys who don’t want the hassle of negotiating in the room. Other than that farang customers may prefer other places.

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