Geisha Fashion Massage Club on Sukhmvit Soi 33

The Japanese oriented massage parlors may be the best in Bangkok. They are even better when they don’t support the strange pre-paid package pricing that some other places are using. At Geisha Massage there is no pre-paid package, except when customers order a 4 hand massage.

The women who work at Geisha Massage are well dressed in Japanese style and they welcome customers in a kind and gentle way.

The women take you to a room which looks like a bedroom that someone would actually live in. The rooms are small but they are very well arranged. They have a nice interior design that even includes bookshelves. It’s like being in a woman’s bedroom.

The bathrooms are the same way. They are real bathrooms with showers, bath tubs, wash basins and everything else you would expect to see in a nice home. They are simple but clean and cosy.

The service follows a pattern. The girls shower the customers, then they shower themselves, then they go back to the room. This is Japanese style.

Back in the rooms the mattresses are on the ground. But they are king size. It’s no problem. An elevated bed would probably move around and squeak anyway.

At Geisha Massage they give real oil massages that are very good. After the massages things turn towards the kind of service that Thai massage parlors are famous for.

Geisha Fashion Massage is a great place. The only drawback is the small staff. There are more women pictured on the website than there are in the actual shop.

A one hour oil massage at Geisha Massage is 400 Baht. The prices for special services follow the usual pattern in Bangkok.

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