King’s Castle 1 and 2 Go-Go bars, Patpong, Bangkok

King’s Castle I and King’s Castle II are two twin go go bars located on Patpong Soi 1. They look very much alike and one could mix them up easily, except that the entrance doors are not exactly located at the same place and that the girls have different stage costumes. All the girls i both bars wear bikinis but in King’s Castle 1 they also wear fishnet stockings which can be very sexy. In King’s Castle 2 only a few girls wear stockings.

Both bars are ok and full of girls. But both, as many bars in Patpong, would really need a bit work of renewal and decoration to make them as appealing as the best bars in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

What I don’t like in the King’s Castle bars, and in most of Patpong bars actually, is that the mamasans are pushy. Actually the girls are pushy too. They ask you what girl you want to sit with you or offer to sit themselves. Patpong is already annoying due to all the touts wanting to sell you admission to ping-pong shows or massages or whatever, but once you get into a bar and expect to relax and have a drink with your friends, it is always painful to still have people bothering you further.

Everyone at the King’s Castle bars also assume that every farang is a tourist, which means they treat every man like a first timer. Last time I took a girl at King’s Castle 2, she went to get dressed without talking about the barfine or the short time rate. But while she was away, a mamasan came waddling over with a sheet of paper. She had written 500+2000 and slowly explained to me that the bar fine was 500 Baht and the short time rate was 2000. Then she demanded the total amount right then and there.

I gave her a strange look and answered that I knew about the prices. I told her I would pay the 500 Baht up front and give the rest to the girl later on. She did not insist.

Last time I went to King’s Castle 1, I asked a girl about the rate. She also said it was 500 for the barfine and 2000 for short time. She also mentioned that there was a short time room available upstairs for another 500 baht. I summed up the total at 3000 Baht and made a sad face. She quickly said that this could be reduced to 2500 but I said I was not interested.

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