Orchid Massage Bangkok: The Testicles Massage Specialist?

Orchid Massage claim to be the Testicles Massage Specialist in Thailand. Here is what they say on their website: “It was indeed our shop that started orthodox Testicles Massage earliest for Japanese. Now our shop is popular among not only Japanese but also Thai as the originator of it.”

Although their website mentions a ‘250 baht for 30 minutes’ special rate, there is a cheaper option: the 1hour oil massage with Testicles massage costs 500 baht, versus 400 baht for the 1 hour oil massage only.

In my opinion it is even better if the girls starts the ball massage by herself, which they usually do to try and convince you to go for a special, than if she knows that you already paid for it. Therefore I am not too much interested in Orchid Massage specialty.

If you consider them as another massage shop, then I would rate them in the average: Not bad, but not outstanding either, be it for the girls, for the service or for the rooms.


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