The true Soapy Massage experience in Bangkok: Cupidy Massage Parlor

I read only that Cupidy was providing the true soapy massage experience, so I wanted to check it out. It turned out to be true. They actually offer the true soapy massage experience, which means they use an inflatable mat, lots of soap and skilled massage girls.

Another thing about Cupidy Massage is that they have a lot of women on staff. I went there on a weekday at around 6:00 pm and there were around 50 girls there. There is a large fishbowl in the back and another large area on the left side. The fishbowl is for “standard” ladies who charge 2000 Baht. The area on the left is for “superstars” who charge 2500 Baht.

Most of the girls are more sexy than cute, but there are a few hotties as well. There is plenty of room to sit and have a drink. From most of the seats you can actually see the girls without having to walk around. The papasan is friendly and not pushy. I had plenty of time to make up my mind.

The rooms at Cupidy are large and clean. Each has a large bath tub, a large bed, a few mirrors and a TV with international channels.

The soapy massage wasn’t as good as the ones I recently had in Pattaya, but that depends on the girl more than the place in my opinion. And it still was not bad at all.

However one thing is for sure: girls in large massage parlors are not the best at offering full service. Compared to oily massage parlors these kinds of places are more expensive and the girls are less into it. Also, if you actually want a massage after the soapy and the action, you have to ask for it. Otherwise the girl may finish the session immediately even if you technically have time left in your session. I didn’t go for the second round but I guess you have to pay extra if you want another pop.

Still, Cupidy Massage is a good place for a true soapy massage experience. So far it is the best place I know in Bangkok for that.

Cupidy Massage is located on the Ground Floor of the Plaza Entertainment Building. That’s is a large building off Petchaburi Road.

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