Temptations Gogo bar, Nana Plaza, Bangkok: temptations for what?

Temptations Gogo bar is my second Lady Boy Gogo bar experience, with Cascade Lady Boy Gogo bar being the first one (I will try them all!).

Compare to Cascade and even to standard Gogos, Temptations is a very small Gogo bar, with the width of a corridor only, seats on the side and a narrow stage in the middle. And the bar at the back. It reminded me of 5 Star Gogo bar, actually, but without the live band. And with the katoeys!

There are not that many ladyboys there, maybe 10 or 12, but they’re all yours!

When I went there, there were only 2 or 3 punters, which considering the size of the bar was not that bad. All Farangs, whereas Cascade customers where all Asians. Do they have Farang friendly Ladyboy Gogo and Asian friendly Ladyboy Gogo or was it just a coincidence? I don’t know.

The drawback with a small Lady Boy Gogo bar is the same as with a small girl Gogo bar: the choice is very limited and one can’t get in or stay in without being noticed. Therefore it is a bit more intimidating than a large place.

Once again, as I did in Cascade, I invited one of these ladies for a drink (not sure I will do that every time though!). That’s why I’m able to confirm that a Lady Drink at Temptations costs 130 baht, which was 5 baht cheaper than the bottle of Singha beer that I bought for me. BF costs 600 and I was quoted 1500 ST and 3000 LT which I politely declined.

Temptations Lady Boy Gogo bar is located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, on the right side.

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