Orange Massage, Sukhumvit, Bangkok: is that a Japanese pimp?

What I like with Orange Massage on Sukhumvit soi 31 is that you feel like you are in a place where you shouldn’t be. Not sure why. Is it because it is in a small soi, opposite residential houses? Is it because the slide door with curtains opens on a small room that looks like an underground bar? Is it because the (always friendly) guy running this place looks like a Japanese pimp? I don’t know. The thing is that I always got this funny feeling that something is illicit there.

Beside that, nothing extraordinary. Actually everything is even very ordinary. The girls selection is random but usually below the average. The rooms are small and old. Sometimes the bed is only a mat on the floor! The service is ok but no oil massage / body massage specialists there.

This is definitely not a must see, but you can check the place if you are in the Sukhumvit 31 & 33 area. Next door is the Dream Massage, and not far down the road the famous Orchid Massage.

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