Mandarin Gogo bar, Nana Plaza, Bangkok: Buy One Get One Free!

At Mandarin Gogo bar you get 2 Gogo bars for the price of one:

  • Mandarin Gogo bar is a two-storey Gogo bar with a chinese theme, a small stage downstair, a transparent ceiling and a second stage upstairs.
  • Mandarin Table Dance is another Gogo bar right next door, looking more like any other Gogo bar, except that there is no central stage but several separate stages (hence the name I guess, but nothing Chinese here).

And you can walk from one place to the other with your bottle of beer, as you would do at Baccara between the ground floor and the second floor.

In my opinion the prettiest girls are in Mandarin Gogo bar, but they are so slim that some of them look anorexics! I’d rather like them with a bit more flesh.

Both Gogo bars charge 135 baht for a Singha beer and 600 baht BF. I was quoted 2000 for a ST, which was quickly reduced to 1500. Are the girls now aware of the worlwide economic slowdown? Or was it only because the closing time was coming? Who knows?

Mandarin and Mandarin Table Dance are located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, immediately on your right once you’ve reached the top of the escalator.

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