La Defense Soapy Massage Parlor, Bangkok, Thailand

La Defense is one of those Massage Parlors one can only reach with a private car/motorbike or with a taxi. It is on Rama IX road, on the way to the airport. No BTS or MRT station there.

Once again it’s a very large building that looks like an hotel. Inside there is a fiwhbowl and a place for side line girls. The price is 2200 baht for the fishbowl and 2600 for the side liners. The Papasan was cool but did stay with me all the time that I was looking at the girl. So, to buy some time, I asked to visit the rest of the place. And that’s when I realised that there was also a huge model lounge.

It’s not the first time that the Papasan doesn’t tell me about the model lounge. I guess these Massage Parlors off the beaten paths are Farang friendly but try to keep the model girls for the Thai and Japanese customers.

Girls in the lounge were valued 3500 baht and up, although there was not such a big difference with girls from the side line and fishbowl. One was even quoted 5000 baht! Maybe that’s why they are reluctant to bring the Farangs there. We are probably the only ones who complain that it is way overpriced!

For me just another place where one pays more for the surroundings than for the girl herself. Considering it is far from downtown and not in a living area but rather next to the highway, this is definitely not a place that I would recommend.

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