Caribbean Musical Theatre, Bangkok: the Coyote Club in the movie “Bangkok Dangerous”

Wanted to check this Club that is featured in “Bangkok Dangerous”: Caribbean Musical Theatre. Yes, I know, the movie sucks. But we’ve all been seing it, those who live in Bangkok, because we’ve been told that it shows a bit of the nightlife in Bangkok, etc.

Caribbean Musical Theatre is in a remote area, not very far from Ratchada and the big Massage Parlors (Emmanuelle, Poseidon, etc.) but not easy to find either, especially because the name is too difficult to be understood by a Taxi driver.

Once you’ve reached it, you are greeted by the hostesses who will ask you if you have a membership, and if not, you’ll have to buy a bottle. Prices start at 3000 baht.

This is a huge club, but it doesn’t look in real life as nice and classy as it looks in the movie. There is a large stage on the back where everything happens. The V-shape stage in the middle of the club was not in used when we went there. Tables are all around, and at the entrance is a large bar area behind which are seated the hostesses/sideline girls, ready to come and have a drink with you.

I’m not a G-club specialist but this place looks more to me like a music-hall theater than a G-club. Ok there are nice shows and pretty hostess girls, but it is so big that it doesn’t really look like a club. And the lightning is not as good as what they show in the movie. It’s not dark at all.

We were not really convinced we would have fun there and therefore we didn’t stay there more than 3 minutes.

To reach Caribbean Musical Theatre you need to go to Ratchda Phisek and then make a right on Thiam Ruam Mit. Then a left on Pracha Uthit and it is in the area. Lot of Karaoke and small massage parlors around. Obviously the whole area targets Thai and Japanese clients.

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