Body Club Bangkok, for men by men

Body Club Bangkok is an Oil Massage Shop for men, by men. No I didn’t try it. How do I know about it? Easy, the shop is located just opposite Lolita’s!

They also advertise in some BKK magazines and I visited their website where they give some prices. The 90minutes oil massage is quite cheap: 390 baht. But at the end of the price list they mention: “Minimum Tip per Session: 500 baht”.

Obviously this means that one has to go for at least a HJ at Body Club.

As far as I know, there is no massage shop that demands a minimum tip. This is very unique. But I guess this makes sense as they probably want to make sure their masseurs make a decent living. It’s probably more difficult to find male masseurs than female. Besides, they don’t show any masseurs pictures. The turn over is probably high.

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