5 Star go go bar, Soi Cowboy: the go go bar with a live band

The 5 Star Bar is a small go go bar lost somewhere in the middle of the neon strip that is Soi Cowboy. One could very easily walk past the place without noticing it.

Inside 5 Star Bar there is a small stage with just three dancers. That hardly makes the place special. But at the very end of the room there is a live band!

That’s quite surprising in such a small bar. It’s even more surprising since the place is a go go bar!

The line up is small and for lack of a better term very weak. The only real draw for 5 Star then is the live band. It is a place people go to grab a drink and hear some tunes before moving on to a main attraction like Tilac go go bar next door.

5 Star is on the left side of Soi Cowboy when entering from Asoke Road. The bar fine is 600 Baht which is the standard for Bangkok.

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