The Strip Gogo Bar, Patpong, Silom, Bangkok

The Strip is a funny and unique Gogo bar that could be located in Pattaya like all “experimental” Gogo bars: first, there is sand all over the floor. Not sure why. Then, there is a stage in the center of the large room, a bar at the back, and all around a dozen of small circular cabins with a small round coach and a small round table, all closed by curtains.

The deal is that you seat around the stage and have a drink and chose among the dancers on the central stage, and then go with the dancer of your choice in one of the cabins for a private dance… and more if you want.

The 30 minute private dance costs 500 baht, but currently they have a promotion (yes, just like in Central World or Emporium!) and they charge only 250 baht.

the strip patpong girl

Once you are in the small cabin and the curtain is closed, the girl starts dancing and arousing you. You can touch her, but not go further unless you pay an extra. Prices are 500 baht for a BJ, 1000 for a BJ and 2000 for a FJ, however obviously this last price can be brought down to 1500 baht (I have to admit that I went only for a HJ for this time, but I discussed with a few girls about the available options). Remember that the whole “dance” lasts 30 minutes maximum.

The interest of this place is that it is a bit exciting to be in action behind the curtain while other punters are drinking outside. You can even leave your friends with their beers, do your stuff and get back to them. It is also a good alternative to the short time hotel for a quick pop.

However the girls are not as pretty as what you can find in the best Gogo bars, and the cabin is quite small, limiting the action. At 500 baht, in my opinion, it is a bit expensive for what it is. As long as the 250 baht promotion runs, it is worth trying it for fun.

Also, beware of the mamasan who’s rude and stupid and manages to charge you twice for your beers.

The Strip is located on Patpong 2, on your right hand side when you arrive from Silom, next to Barbar Fetish Experience. Singha Bottle costs 120 baht.

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