The Office Bar & Grill, Sukhumvit soi 33, Bangkok

I hadn’t been to the Office for a while but the place hasn’t changed much. Busy but not too much. Laid back atmosphere. Several hostesses, some pretties. Good food and expensive beers. And sports on TV.

One thing always bothered me at the Office and I didn’t know what. On my last visit I found out: there are not that many pretty hostesses and if you come late they are all busy. Now, unlike a Gogo bar, the Office is a place where you can spend all night drinking beer, chatting with friends, playing pool or watching TV. This means that the guys who took the ladies often entertain them all night. And keep them away from you all night!

If you come to late, you’d better hang out somewhere else and come back the next day.

Still, the Office is a good place for a good time with friends or for a drink with clients and/or business partners who you wouldn’t take to Cowboy or Nana.

Now, what does it cost? For a Singha bottle: 149 baht. For a Lady drink: 200 baht. For a barfine: 1200 baht (yes, ouch! but not super ouch!). For a ST: 2000 baht.

The Office is located on Sukhumvit soi 33 in the second small soi on your right, the one after the Basilico restaurant. Look for the big black and white “Office” sign at the entrance of the soi.

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