Poseidon Massage Parlor in Bangkok

Poseidon Massage is one of the larger soapy massage parlors in Bangkok and that’s really saying something. There is a “fishbowl” room on the second floor where ladies sitting behind two way glass are available for 2200 Baht or more. The third floor is where the more expensive “models” wait for customers.

Models at Poseidon Massage are available for 2800 Baht or more. They tend to be taller, whiter and more attractive by Thai standards. Some of the models require as much as 10000 Baht per hour for their services, usually because they have some kind of notoriety.

Models are the most popular women at Poseidon and so reservations often have to be made in advance. Customers can call to make an appointment or show up in person and select a lady from a photobook before setting a date and time to return.

Westerners are charged an additional 1000 Baht foreigner fee on top of the regular charges.

The location of poseidon Massage is pinpointed on the map below.

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