The Model Photo Album at Poseidon Massage Parlor, Bangkok

Did you know that they have a photo album with the pictures (model like and magazine pictures) of the most expensive models at Poseidon Bangkok?

Last time a friendly Mamasan showed me this book. On the pictures, the girls are dressed sexy or in underwear, or only with socks… Some girls are real stunners. The funny thing is that the Mamasan then shows you the actual girl in the lobby, and most of them don’t look that hot in “real life”. But they are quite pretty and/or have a nice body. They are “priced” 4500 baht and more for 90 minutes.

They claim that some of them are former TV actresses, presenters or singers, and they show you the magazine covers and other articles.

This happens in the Model lobby, at the third floor of Poseidon Soapy Massage Parlor. In my opinion, Poseidon is one of the best place if you want to see one of the luxurious massage parlors of Bangkok. Especially this Model lobby is worth a look, even if it is a bit overpriced. The good thing at Poseidon, unlike Copa Cabana for instance, is that you can seat and have a drink while looking at the girls and waiting for the one you like to appear. You seat right in front of them, with a good view and plenty of time to make your choice. And the Model lobby is quite cozy.

However, like most massage parlors, it is a bit expensive, in my opinion, for a service that is not always that great. A visit to one of the Teen-like massage shops of Sukhumvit will definitely be less expensive and much more fun. Still, you should give it a try if you have never been to an upscale Massage Parlor.

Poseidon Soapy Massage Parlor is located on Ratchadapisek Road. More info about how to go there and the prices on the Massage Parlors page in the overview of Poseidon Massage.

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