Suzie Wong, soi Cowboy, Bangkok

When newbies are in town, I always take them to Baccara for the transparent ceiling and Suzie Wong for the Lesbian Show.

In my opinion this is a good introduction to the Gogo scene, and these are for sure places you don’t happen to see everyday!

The Lesbian Show there is a true one, I mean it is not something the girl fake, they’re not just touching each other but actually acting as if they were lesbians, and if your sitting on the bar stools, you definitely have the best view in the world for such a show! (beware of your drink, though!).

There are two shows every night but the schedule, as lot of schedules in this country, is a bit uncertain. Let’s say around 22:30 for the first one and 23:30 for the second one.

This show is really cool. And there are a few other good shows to watch, including nudity and soap. On top of that, there is always a good vibe in this bar. The mamasan and waiters don’t bother you. The punters are usually ok. You can even make friends with the ones sitting opposite from you on the bar stools and staring at the same… bodies as you on the stage. There is a kind of a bond here. 🙂

The line up of girls is not that good these days, but there are still a few hotties to be found. Else, it can be a good warm-up before hitting other places.

A bottle of beer costs 140 baht, the BF 600 baht. Suzie Wong is in the middle of soi Cowboy, on your left hand side when you arrive from Soi 23.

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