Safari Gogo, Patpong, Bangkok

Safari is a small Gogo bar but with a fun atmosphere (don’t know exactly why but I like it). Few girls, 2 small stages and you are lucky if there are more that 1 or 2 hotties there, and even luckier if one of them is available. I like to go there from time to time for a beer or two, and if I don’t find anyone I like I move to the larger gogo bars in the street.

The only thing I don’t like in this bar is the too many not so pretty gogo girls or waitresses who have nothing to do and stare at you or want to take care of you when you don’t.

The beer is cheap at 80 baht for a bottle of Singha. The Ladydrinks cost 139 baht. The BF is rather expensive at 700 baht. ST costs 2000 baht. I asked two girls for LT but both of them denied (not that I was interested but for the purpose of this blog. What a dedication! Don’t know if some go LT there.

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