Coyote Dancers in Bangkok Go Go Bars

There was a time in the not so distant past when all of the women dancing on stage (not to mention many of the waitresses and other staff) at Bangkok’s go go bars were available for customers to take out for a night on the town, or wherever else they may have ended up.

Sure the bar fine system is still well in place and customers take dancers out of go go bars every night of the week, for short time or long time periods. What’s new however is the appearance of “coyote girls.” 

These coyote dancers are usually 18, 19, 20 or 21 and among the most attractive women in any bar. They do a good job at attracting new customers in off of the street, but maybe long time Thai visitors and expats dislike them. How could that be?

Well, coyote girls are employed by agencies to promote bars. Many of them will go out of a bar with customers if they feel up to it but many others won’t. Some are very selective and some simply won’t exit a bar with a customer under any circumstances.

Some bars even go as far as charging customers more to take a coyote dancer out of the bar of even just to buy her a lady drink. It can cost as much as the equivalent of 10 US dollars just to have a coyote girl sit with a customer long enough to chug a tiny watered down drink.

But customers support this. If they didn’t the practice wouldn’t exist. Guys pay more money for the better looking girls which motivates the bars to find even better looking girls so they can make even more money. Makes sense right?

It’s the economy stupid.

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