Copa Cabana Massage Parlor, Bangkok

I recently visited Copa Cabana massage parlor because I heard and read some good feed-back about it. I have to admit that I have been a bit disappointed, especially by the way it is arranged.

From the outside, Copa Cabana is a very nice building that looks like a 5 star hotel. From the inside it is also very nice and cosy, once again like a 5 star hotel. Probably one of the nicest (and newest) massage parlour in town.

There is one problem though. Obviously the guys who constructed the place didn’t think about what it was about: girls on one side and seats for punters on the other side. This is what you would focus on, right? But not them.

At Copa Cabana you enter into a very large and very nice lobby. There is a large fish bowl in the middle and an other one on the right that is supposed to be more like a lounge area for more expensive girls. But opposite the large fishbowl there is no place to seat. And opposite the lounge there are only a few places, quite far from the girls. You have to stand to have a look and find the girl you want.

There is also a TV screen that shows you the models, because the models are upstairs. And a small bar where two or three persons maximum can seat, with their back to the fish bowl!

Upstairs it is even worse. There are more seats and pretty cosy ones, but the way everything is arranged there is almost no seat from where you can see the girls and have time to make your choice. Most of the seats are too far or not in the line of view. They have put TV monitors everywhere for you to see the girls!!!

This is a very strange feeling. It’s like going to the theater (not movie theater, but theater with true actors and stuff) and not being able to see the stage and having to watch it from a TV monitor!!!

You end up making a first selection on the screen and standing up to check the girls you have preselected. This is if you chose one of the expensive models. 3100 baht up. Some are very pretty. If you chose one from the fishbowl, you will have to stand in front of it. Not the best thing if you want to take your time and see what is coming.

This is not a place for the shy kind of guys. I wouldn’t recommend it either for a first experience of a massage parlour!

Else, my overall impression is rather positive as they have some pretty girls, the rooms are very nice and prices are ok if you don’t go for the super expensive models. The girl I have chosen was in the model line up but on the cheapest side (3100), pretty with large breasts but no very friendly, and the service consisted only on a quick bath and a FJ. No massage at all. This is not the place where you will get the full soapy.

Compare to teen massage and gogo bars, I would consider that this kind of places with no massage at all is not really a good deal if you don’t take a girl in the fishbowl, but let’s say that you pay also for the surrounding. The lobby is classy and there is even a live band on the Models floor!

Copa Cabana Massage Parlour is located on Ratchadapisek soi 17 (BTS Sutthisan).

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