BusStop, Bangkok: eat, drink and… barfine!

As far as I know, BusStop is the only restaurant in Bangkok where you can barfine the waitresses/hostesses. BusStop is a restaurant and a bar, but most of the clients go there for a quick meal. If it’s only for a drink, there are many better places to have a drink on Sukhumvit soi 4.

They offer a mix of thai and farang dishes (steaks, fries, pad thai, fried rice…) cheap and not too bad. It is an open air place with a patio at the first floor. Nothing trendy but cool and laid back.

A few hostesses hang around. They are waitresses if you eat but can also drink with you if you only drink. And, at the end of your meal, you can barfine them!

The BF costs 400 baht and we heard of 1,500 baht for ST.

BusStop is located on Sukhumvit soi 4, on the right hand side, right after Hanrahan’s Pub.

If you know other restaurants in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand where one can BF the waitresses, don’t hesitate to mention them in comments.

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