The Pretty girl at Shark Bar, Bangkok

Shark Bar on Soi Cowboy is famous as a go go bar having some of the prettiest girls in town.

The one I found this night was pretty and sexy. She had a nice face, a tight body, silicone breast that were just the right size, nice legs and a naughty smile.

I called her over and she sat with me. After a quick chit chat I asked for a short time session.

“Ok, but 2500 baht,” she said. “Come on,” I replied. “I know this place. All girls here go for 2000 Baht.”

“All girls yes,” she shot back, “but look around you.”

“I’m the prettiest girl in this bar!”.

She laughed. I looked around. She was the prettiest woman there. I paid 2500 Baht.

Shark Bar is located on Soi Cowboy, between Doll House and Baccara. A small bottle of Singha Beer costs 125 baht and the barfine 600 Baht.

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