Amazing Angel 26 massage, Bangkok

Angel 26 is an amazing place. I mean, the shop is lost at the very end of soi 24/1, which is not even a real soi, but a bit of soi off soi 26 (hence the name: Angel 26). Ok there are several massage shops in the area, but this is a place you don’t go if you don’t have to. And you don’t find by chance.

Anyway, Angel 26 has a lot of girls and some of the prettiest I have ever seen in Teen-like massage shops (be careful, they also have some very ugly ones!).

The surprising thing is that they really have a lot of girls and a lot of clients (vicious circle). Surprising because the place is not only lost, but not nice. The rooms are old and small. Even the ground floor is not really appealing. But still, it is one of the best places for naughty oil massages. I guess much of their success comes from the large number of japanese clients. These guys like quite places.

1 hour oil massage costs 400 baht. They charge an additional 200 baht for the mirror room, which is not bigger, nor cleaner, than the other ones, but does feature a large mirror.

Angel 26 is located at the very end of soi 24/1, in the right corner. Soi 24/1 is a small soi very close to soi 26. There is another Angel shop, Angel 22, located on… soi 22 ! but they have much less girls.

More info on their website. Be careful with the pictures, though.

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