Will webcams be popular after reopening?

Now that things seem to hopefully be turning the corner we are left with some burning questions. For example, will webcams retain their popularity after the reopening? If I can stroll down to Soi Cowboy to check out some dancing women in the flesh will I still want to look at ladies on my phone?

Webcams and live streaming in general became increasing popular during the long lockdowns that most of us were facing. With an inability to travel to Thailand or to move about normally if already at the intended goal more people turned to their screens. At the same time ladies (and ladyboys) still had to find a way to make money. So many of them turned to the cameras on the other side of their devices.

watching webcams

At a certain point even a number of actual bars got in on the action. Whether to keep the women in rice or help pay the rent while places were ordered closed we did see some live streaming events. A few of them were broadcast right from the shuttered bars. But others looked to be live on location in hotels or even residences. Whatever keeps people alive! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now the major announcement we all waited for has been made. Thailand is reopening to tourists from a lot of countries. There are some hiccups but still there is now a path for people to travel to Thailand.

Bars might not be open as normal yet. Some are being raided still for crimes like serving alcohol and dancing, but what this means is that there will probably be some kind of shift. A lot of women worked in person and will probably want to go back to that if they can.

Remember that it is not all about the closure. There have been an increasing number of Thai women showing up on amateur porn seller platforms such as OnlyFans and Fansly. Some of these women certainly did work in bars or massage parlors that shut down. Though a lot of the performers may have never worked anywhere. Still recent arrests of people for the crime of making porno in Thailand may drive some of these towards bars and similar facilities too.

We will have to wait to see the full picture. Including about how the reopening will unfold on the ground. Now we can only make predictions. Later on we will see who had the best working crystal ball. I can say a few things. One is the world’s oldest profession isn’t going anywhere. That goes for Thailand and the rest of the world. The other thing I can say with some certainty is that sex webcams are also going to keep on strong.

Even if a lot of Thai models go back to working in places like bars and massage parlors the webcam sites will continue on as per usual. I never saw a lot of Thai women on sites like Fire Cams to begin with. So I don’t think they will be affected at all. Sure there might be one or two less viewers from here in the land of smiles. That is not going to have any major impact on the bottom line.

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