Don Quixote massage parlor on Soi 26

Don Quixote is an East Asian style erotic massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 in Bangkok. It is run together by a Korean guy and a Thai lady. They accept people from all over the world. There isn’t any discrimination against customers. Of course the service providers are all Thai. This isn’t a soapy massage parlor. But it’s not a run of the mill Thai oily either.

Don Quixote is very conveniently located. It’s a few doors down from Snow White massage. The famous Cherry Massage and a bunch of other Thai sex massage shops are just around the corner in the alley of Soi 24/1. There is no shortage of options for sensual massage in this part of Bangkok. That is for sure.

Sex massage at Don Quixote

Some of the Asian style massage parlors in Bangkok specialize in things like blowjobs, ball massage or prostate massage. At Don Quixote they actually go all the way. The price is a little on the high side so it would be odd if they didn’t offer real sex.

There seem to be some strange rules when it comes to happy ending massage in Bangkok. Some massage owners say they can’t list prices publicly. Other shops like Don Quixote put a list of prices and say the ladies do blowjobs and “special.” You can guess what special means. If you can’t, I’ll fill you in. Special is full service a/k/a sex.

sexy white Thai massage lady

There are two kinds of rooms at Don Quixote. The first is a regular room with a bed and a shower. The other is a “big bathroom” which is actually a huge private room with a jazucci tub. The big room is actually worth the price. It’s really nice and rooms. And getting cleaned in a hot bubbly tub is always nice.

In the regular room the prices are 2100 Baht for 45 minutes, 2400 Baht for 65 minutes, or 2700 Baht for 90 minutes. In the big bathroom the prices are 2500 Baht for 60 minutes or 2800 Baht for 90 minutes. There is no need to tip.

Ladies and summary

It seems like there are about ten ladies. They tend to be thin with light skin, fake noses and big fake boobs. It might be because Don Quixote is an East Asian shop that they follow this standard. None of the girl look bad though. Some are actually very hot. There is even one with big natural jugs there.

They show you a book with pictures of the women when you come in. This too is a kind of East Asian style. The pictures are definitely edited with many filters used. But the women don’t look too different from the pictures. So they are not really hiding anything.

All of the masseuses are pretty nice and good at sex too. I doubt any is spectacular at actual massage. But then again no one is really going to Don Quixote because they have a kink in their back that they want to work it. They’re more likely to go because they want to work out a kink.

It’s pretty easy to get by with English at Don Quixote. But of course anyone who speaks Thai would also be able to manage. They have some ladies there who can handle Korean, Japanese and even Chinese too. So that should tell you something about the kind of place it is. It’s one of the cleaner and better run massage parlors in the area. And the women suck and fuck pretty well too, which is the main thing.

Don Quixote is open every day from 10 AM to 2 AM. The phone number is 02-000-9965. Their website is The location of the massage parlor is pinpointed on the map above.

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