How Will Virtual Reality Will Change Sex and Dating?

Technology has an impact on every aspect of our lives, changing the way we do things, making them easier or completely revolutionizing them. One of the most visible elements that have been transformed is how we date. Previously, when we wanted to date, we had to meet prospective future partners in person, either at the grocery store, work, or the bar. This was our norm till the internet was born and mobile technology advanced to a point where we could talk to people all over the world from right in our bedrooms.

The purpose of this article is to explain how the next evolution in technology, virtual reality can change how we date and even how we have sex.

You might think using virtual reality for dating or sex is so far off into the future that it’s the stuff of science fiction, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Certain dating companies have set up an avenue for virtual “blind,” dates. There are Virtual Reality applications available to help people better their odds at dating. Sex is not left out of this innovation with numerous adult entertainment companies exploring and publishing VR porn. This is just a tip of the proverbial iceberg known as virtual reality sex.

VR can become particularly useful as there are numerous advantages for individuals in long distance relationships. Research has shown that couples who used video calling applications were more satisfied and trusting than those who just called on the phone. It is logical that VR which enables the sharing of experiences and environments with a long distance significant other could result in a higher amount of satisfaction and trust.

Virtual Reality is the future

Virtual dating appears to be the next logical step in our dating evolution. An eHarmony study claims that VR dates using all our senses can be achieved by 2040. This could mean donning on a VR suit and headset which lets you touch your partner, smell them and even perhaps have sex with them, all while being miles apart.

We, unfortunately, have to make do with what is presently available right now, which is the ability to make virtual dates with our long distance partner in different situations and locations. Imagine hearing all about your loved one’s day while on a beach in Fiji, or make plans with them on your next holiday from the surface of the moon. There are so many possibilities when Virtual Reality is involved, and the advantages to couples indeed are worth it.

Virtual reality is not only suited for those in relationships, but it is also suited for singles, as there is an increasing amount of virtual reality dating applications which let people not only meet but also interact with people from all over the world. Think about it; it can be an excellent learning tool for those that aren’t quite confident enough to have a “real” face to face date. They can develop their communication and dating skills, without having any stressors that could arise if the interaction was in person. There have been concerns over the fact that virtual reality could be used as a tool to exploit or abuse women; however, the technology is still in its infancy, with a couple of issues to sort out.

Virtual Reality Sex

When it comes to all aspects of sex, virtual reality could revolutionize the way we interact with others. It can be an extension of the dating aspect of virtual reality. Imagine your date inviting you over for sex at her place all while you’re comfortable in your house. You get the same sensations, sensory feeds as you would having “traditional” sex, only this is much safer.

This is the reality (no pun intended) we have to look forward to. At this very moment, Virtual Reality’s extent in our sex lives stop at porn. VR Porn has seen a massive increase in viewership since its introduction. It takes the viewer one step closer to the action. No longer does the viewer have to imagine being in the scene, with VR Porn they are in the environment, they are part of the action.
Logically it will take a couple of years to entirely perfect VR to the point where we all can don suits and have sex with the partner of our dreams without having to drive, fly or even leave the house.


At this very moment, Virtual Reality sex and dating seems more suited to those individuals in long distance relationships with thousands of miles between them, than the average couple or daters who see a couple of times a week.

However, it does have a lot of promise and seems perfect for those individuals that lack the confidence to talk to the other sex or those that don’t have the luck. In all, Virtual Reality is here to stay and without a doubt should be seen as a tool not to replace but make our dating and sex lives even better.

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