Dozo Massage on Soi 33

Dozo Massage is a large massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 next to the S33 Compact Hotel.

Dozo took over the old Mitu Massage location. Mitu moved across the street into a small alley and Dozo was born. Or something like that. I am not too sure what exactly transpired but there are now two massage parlors within feet of each other that are fairly similar.

Dozo Massage Bangkok

The Japanese manager is almost always at Mitu Massage. At Dozo it is a Thai woman who usually mans the front desk. She seems to be some kind of relation to the owner. Anyway she guides customers into the large waiting room that is filled with big couches, a television and books and signs about the service.

The signs and books are unmistakable in any language because they are illustrated with pictures. When they say body to body massage with facial they show exactly that: a woman doing a body to body massage and another getting some cream applied to her face.

Dozo has a Japanese name and like Mitu is organized in a Japanese way, but they accept customers from all countries. They advertise pretty heavily in Japanese media but I haven’t seen them advertise in any English media outlets yet.

The women in the advertising materials look stunning. I only visited once but I didn’t see any women who look like those in the pictures. The women there were nice enough but they didn’t match the promo pics. The manager told me two of the really hot lasses I pointed out from pictures posted in a Japanese magazine were busy. I can believe it since they are so hot but who knows?

Dozo has large clean rooms with bathtubs and big tiled areas for body to body slides on air mattresses using Japanese nuru gel. Rimming and cat baths are usually a part of the mat play and full service is included.

Dozo Massage is open every day from 10 AM to 1 AM. The phone number is 02-014-1283. The website is The location of the shop is pinpointed in the map below.

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